Premonition of the Next Dark Age

We live in a society just begging to lose every scrap of data to its name. The internet – our entire computer culture, in fact – is becoming the sole warehouse of more and more writing, poetry and knowledge every day. A disk drive is cheaper to store and easier to access than a hundred thousand books, but it’s vulnerable to catastrophic data loss in a way that scares me.

Spill a glass of wine on a page of your book and you lose that page. Delete the wrong 100kb of data on a hard drive and lose access to the entire thing. Forever. All it takes is a few corrupt sectors due to a head crash or a magnet or a partitioning-gone-wrong and you’ve lost everything on the drive. Everything. On a small scale, it’s nothing. But when you think how fragile our storage devices have become, it makes you wonder how much of what we’ve created is going to be left after the next big disaster. What will future historians make of our blank, unreadable magnetic platters?

What got me thinking this? Why, a catastrophic data loss, of course. Sometime last week our server company went to increase the size of our BSD jail at our request. At our invoices and paid for request. The operation went bad. The jail was corrupted. No backup had been made, either by us or by the company whose box our VPS sat on. Just like that, 3 gigabytes of data were gone.

We lost everything. The last backup we had was from over a year ago. Data recovery operations are ongoing by the server company, but it look bleak. Most likely, everything we had stored on that server is gone forever. For me, that means about a year of blogging posts, some web designs I was working on and a lot of time to rebuild. For the others the loss was a little more significant.

I decided that if I was going to lose some, I would lose it all. Rather than lament the loss of a year, I would just start anew. That way, I feel like I gain some power back over my loss. It’s an illusion, but it helps. A clean slate. Shin Saalon Muyo! is born.

What this new start will mean is unlcear. I can change things up a lot if I want to, but I’m not sure what I should change. Any ideas? Anything you think should be done here? Format changes? Some new blogging topics? More photographs? Fiction? Naked skiball?

The future is wide open. Meaning I’ll probably do exactly what I did before, just without the last 3 years of posts in the archives. Welcome to my own personal Dark Age. Now with 100% less sword fighting, and 99.9% less posts.

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