Eric Sipple’s Grand Illusions

There are things out there that move us deeply.  Films and books and poetry and music that stick with us longer than all the others.  Some of them are considered classics by almost everyone, and some are so obscure that we feel a rush when someone else has even heard of them.  We all have our own reasons for why something matters to us.  It may be because of how it made us feel,  it may be because of what it meant to an art form that we loved, or it could be a mix of both.

I want to talk about the things that matter to me.  Art is a very special illusion, created both by the author and by the audience.  They show, and we take what they’ve given us and translate it as best we can.  Sometimes we fail to figure out what the artist is trying to show us, but occasionally their work becomes larger and more important because how we, personally, view it.

This is a space for me to discuss the illusions that matter most to me.  If I’m lucky, maybe I can show you something new, or maybe show you something old through new eyes.  But mostly, I’ll get to revisit those grand illusions that make me who I am.  That would be enough.

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