Where Am I?

A terrible and persistent wave of unmotivated emotions swept over me some months ago and is only now receding. I don’t know where it came from, or why, or what it’s got against me. I only know that since winter, everything has been chore. Writing has been nonexistent. Talking to people is just too damn tiresome. Even plotting and running role playing had been a lackluster experience. It’s been less than fun.

Things seem to be changing. Thawing, if you will. I’ve gotten excited about role playing again, which is always a good sign for me creatively. I’m not hating the idea of having a conversation with people. I’m going to movies. I’m reading. A lot. It’s not so bad.

I need to do something, though. I need to write a query letter. I’ve been avoiding it. Before I can start work in earnest, I need to get the finished one out on the campaign trail. It would be a start. It would be good.

Let’s up this upward movement is a trend, yes?

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