Things I Don’t Get

  • How did anyone think that 28 Weeks Later was a better movie than the original 28 Days Later? I could write an entire post on how many things were wrong with 28 Weeks Later, but how about focusing on just two: 1) SuperBob the Uber Infected, who – instead of flying into a rage when he sees humans –  spends the entire movie stalking his children with the skills of a ninja. 2) Where was the heart in this film? Remember Frank and his daughter from the first one? Remember Jim’s insane attack on the army base to save his friends? Horror drive these people to love each other. In Weeks it just drove them to scream and run around a lot.
  • I think aliens abducted me just prior to the fall 2006 season of television. This can be the only explanation for how the mind control device missed me, leaving me as one of the 10 people on the entire planet who didn’t think Heroes was the best show ever created. It’s not even a good show. It’s an above average show at its best. And it was only at its best for about 6 episodes. Seriously, people, other than Hiro and Ando, what exactly were you enjoying in this show?
  • How is Battlestar Galactica not in the short list of potential Emmy nominees when 24 is? I don’t watch 24, I admit, but I spent all season listening to every person who does watch the show saying how much this season sucks. So Science Fiction isn’t only a genre ghetto, but it’s actually more high brow to award a show you already admitted was a piece of shit than it is to admit to enjoing spaceships blowing each other up. And I’m supposed to think less of myself for being a geek.
  • How come VRML never caught on? I mean, it was an overhyped technology, but I’ll take a 3D model of an X Wing over a javascript news ticker any day of the week.
  • Remember when the only reason you watched reality TV was because it was called Girls Gone Wild or HBO’s Real Sex and there was the good chance you might see some naked boobs? How did reality TV get more popular by removing the nudity? That has to break some sociological law of the nature of mankind, doesn’t it? (Addendum: You might have also watched it because it was called When Animals Attack or Cops on the off chance you might see some violence; if so, I get that, too).
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