Netbeans or Eclipse?

I’m currently working on a D&D character generator (yes, I’m a geek) to hone my Java skills, and I’m starting to feel a little bogged down in the details of building the GUI. Coding GUIs by hand is something I have no experience with, and Java’s GUI layout managers suck hardcore. I’ve been building the thing in Eclipse, which I like in some ways, but in other ways seems to have the worst of open source projects (powerful, but somewhat opaque in design).

I started looking into some options, and started to look into Netbeans as an option. It’s got a built in, WYSIWYG sort of GUI generator, in the style of using Visual Studio or XCode, and its interface seems a lot cleaner. It may lack some things in power and areas for customization, but I mostly want to build this damn application and stop screwing around with pixels and columns and weights and constraints.

Anyone out there have experience, or know someone with experience in either of these IDEs? Any advice, warnings or insights would be appreciated. Thanks!

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