I Am Klang

Blog spam has changed a lot since the last time I let trackbacks hit my site. In the days when I used Movable Type, spam catching software was so onerous to use that I just shut the whole comment/pingback/trackback thing off and didn’t look back. After my – I think – 3rd install of WordPress on my 3rd provider I was looking around for a stat tracking plugin and the use of it required getting a WordPress API key. This same API key, I discovered, could be used for Akismet, a spam-catching plugin that protected you from having to moderate or delete every false pingback and comment the net could throw at you.

So I installed it and let it run. The spam I used to get on my old blog was completely unrelated to my site. Lots of the same porn/Cialis/Instant Money things that showed up on Usenet and in your e-mail box. That’s still out there, but a new, odder type of spam has appeared.

You know how when you search for something on Google, a lot of what you get are those annoying link metasites that have a snip of content from real sites along with links to them? Well, there are more of those than I’d ever imagined on subjects like health food (not so odd) and mathematics (really, really strange). A lot of these don’t even have a ton of ads on them, making me wonder why they would install a bot and WordPress just to capture newly posted articles so they can put up things like:

Saalon Muyo placed an observative post today on “Reading is Overrated” – A Portrait of a TV Guide PodcastHere’s a quick excerpt … com crew as they provide inside scoop, offbeat opinions and answers to your questions about the latest entertainment headlines, the hottest TV shows, the newest m ovies and the biggest celebrities. … It at times infuriating, it spent too long talking about empty reality shows like Big Brother and too little time on deeper dramas like The Wire, but it was a good t ime

Le What? Obserative? Why, thank you.

Anyway, they usually get the name of the site or – sometimes – the name of me, the poster, correct. Ok, they get my online nick right, not so much my real name. Today, on the post I just put up, I got this:

Klang wrote an interesting post today on

Here’s a quick excerpt

Klang. I am Klang. Yes, there is a blank after “on”, so I guess their bot is as unsure of my post’s subject as my readers are.

Couldn’t I at least have been Kang? Or even Krang?

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