Spaghetti Attack

Yes, I’ve been gone for a while.  Work + an extremely geeky obsession with a new role playing campaign I’m running + a new PS3 + apathy = no new posts.  It’s mathematical.


I get into a lot of conversations about Windows, *NIX and Mac security that go like this:

ME: Windows is inherently insecure.

THEM: That’s not true.  Don’t you think if as many people used Unix as used Windows that Unix would be just as bad?

ME: No.  And anyway, more people do use Unix for web hosting, which is pretty frakking public, and that’s worked out pretty well for people.

THEM: I think you’re wrong.  Windows only seems insecure because more people use it.

ME: ::snore::
I’ve had this discussion with otherwise smart people, so it’s a fairly common misconception that holds water provided you don’t know enough about system design to understand where the argument has to go from there to really get into the subject.

Then I found these pictures.

System Calls by ApacheSystem Calls by IIS
Apache is the webs server most *NIX boxes are running.  IIS is Microsoft’s server.  The more system calls you make, and the more hard to untangle they are, the more windows you’ve opened into your house that someone can come through.

Which looks like a more stable design to you?

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