(C)alling All (C)ars

I’ve begun to teach myself something I should have learned a while ago.

Let’s just say that reading too many blog posts about programming has shamed me into learning how, you know, programming languages actually work when you don’t have all the hard stuff done for you by the platform. Like memory management.

So I need a simple project. Something that will let me touch on a couple of things I should learn in C anyway. Pointers or memory allocation or hash tables or whatever else you think would be worth banging my head against. But something relatively small in scope. It can be a tool you think I’d like to have sitting around. It can even be a tool that already exists.

I’ve done enough C-like programming that the syntax is already within my feeble brain.  I need to apply the beast to get anywhere, and the tutorials online all start with “And here’s how to use stdout to say ‘Hello World!'”

Hit me with your best shot.

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