The Brett Favre of Development Platforms

I’m not a big podcast nut, but I’ve become hooked on the Stack Overflow podcast recently.  It’s done by Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror and Joel Spolsky of Fog Creek and Joel On Software as they work on their new programming message board/wiki/Knowledge Base project, and it’s pretty good.  It’s good even if you, like me, find Joel somewhat annoying in the way that he seems to pick fights just for the sake of it.

Brennen has referred to Joel as a professional troll before and at times like this I have to agree.  On episode 13 of the podcast, Joel – seeking and succeeding to inspire posts like this – analogized ASP.Net to driving a Lexus SUV and PHP to riding a bicycle.  This was to illustrate his claim that ASP.Net is a generation beyond PHP in power, functionality and, I suppose, status amongst the soccer MILFs you may want to hit on.

I’m not going to get into this too far, mostly because it’s a silly comment that has no basis in fact (though ASP.Net does come standard with air conditioning and leather interiors), but also because it’s a worn out, circular, boring topic.  Use whatever platform works for you.  Get your project done and meet your own requirements.  I only want to say one thing.

You may want to be careful with your analogies, lest you come up with one which can be interpreted thusly: So what you’re saying, Joel, is that ASP.Net is inefficient, uses up limited and expensive resources and is purchased more often as a badge of economic success than because it’s actually the best car on the market.  And PHP is the world’s most efficient method of locomotion, destined to become the new standard of transportation once we’ve gone broke keeping our Lexus SUVs running.

Did I get that right?

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