Tsunami of Doom

Dear God am I about to get busy.

I apparently lack the ability to see past a certain point when I’m queueing up stuff, ’cause I’ve got like, 4 major projects that all start racing downhill in October.  That’s a really, terribly not good thing.  I saw this coming about a week ago and started getting scared.  I’ve done this to myself before, and it rarely ends well.

And I made this decision I’m going to regret.  I’m going to get through it.  All of it.  Even if it leaves me with fatigue fueled pnuemonia.  A couple of years ago I decided I would write a novel length thing for the web, on a three-time-a-week deadline.  I got through it and came out with the ability to write a novel and have it not suck.  Now I need a new skill.  I need to come home every day and get through a part of the pile of crap waiting for me.

Procrastination is my most familliar personal demon.  I doubt I’ll ever stake the jerk through the heart, but perhaps I can learn to evade him a little better.  We’ll see.

I go on vacation Saturday.  When I get back, it begins.  We’ll see if I can make it through.

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