“Gotcha” Journalism

I’m not stupid, it’s just that the media keeps catching me saying stupid things.

I’m glad Katie Couric doesn’t let them off the hook very easily in this interview, since this is yet more bullshit peddling by the McCain campaign about Palin’s readiness to do anything more complicated than run a state with less people in it than my county. Palin said something very specific to a voter in response to a question, and rather than address why she said it or what she meant by it, we get a line about how it’s “gotcha” journalism. If context was what was missing, why didn’t either of them provide any of that context?

Let’s try a different question. If your intention is to prove how fit to lead Gov. Palin is, why did Senator McCain need to sit in on her rehabilitation interview and spend the majority of the time talking? Is the hope now that if people just see her smiling and nodding on the screen while McCain talks that they’ll go “Oh, right, she’s much better this time,” and forget about that minute long increase-confidence-about-healthcare-reform-and-job-creation-economic-trade-umbrella-shore-up-the-economy-for-trade-and-heathcare ramble from her last interview?

Watch the above video. Couric asks Gov. Palin if she and Senator McCain are on the same page about whether you say out loud that you’re willing to do something like, say, kill Bin Laden in Pakistan if you find him there. Gov. Palin’s response is, basically, “Well, you know I talked to the president of Pakistan and we agree that we need to do everything to stop terrorists.” So, not an answer. Then Senator McCain jumps in to at least try and deflect the actual question with the “gotcha” journalism talking point.

Take Senator McCain out of this interview, and the answer you’re left with is another non-answer to a simple, specific question: “Did you meant what you said, or do you disagree with Senator McCain on this issue that he’s been blasting Senator Obama on for months?”

I do wish that, since Senator McCain was there, Couric had also asked, “How is what Senator Obama said about crossing into Pakistan worse than you singing ‘Bomb Iran?'” I’d like to hear the spin on that one, since we’re all here. If dad’s going to be a part of the job interview, you might as well grill him, too.

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