I Prefer The Muppet

Bottom line: McCain wants to cut taxes and reduce spending. Obama cannot say no to any of the left’s interest groups. McCain is Reagan. Obama is Kerry/Gore/Dukakis. America has faced this choice before.

Grover Norquist

We have?  Because that sounds like three people who didn’t run against Reagan.

By the way, congrats on drowning government in the bathtub.  That’s worked out well for us.

Bottom line: I’d be more likely to listen to you if you were blue and lived on Sesame Street.

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3 Responses to I Prefer The Muppet

  1. brennen says:

    As a member of several of the left’s interest groups, I am moderately surprised to discover that Mr. Obama will be heeding my demands. No doubt we’ll want to start slow. How do free universal healthcare & higher education, the immediate decriminalization of recreational drugs, the abolition of testing in public schools, the dismantling of the CIA, NSA, & DEA, lifetime incarceration for a few hundred prominent Republicans, and a federal pony distribution system sound for the first year or so? I’m sure this would require a tiny bit of cooperation from Congress and various state legislatures, but no doubt this resurgent American Left is strong enough to extract it…

  2. saalon says:

    I was going to write a pithy response in agreement but…

    …federal pony distribution system?

  3. brennen says:

    So I googled “pony meme” (which you have to admit was a courageous thing to do, especially at work and especially just before I leave for lunch), and came up with this. Elsewhere, it is suggested that it actually originates with a Calvin & Hobbes strip…

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