Stressing Out Like a Champ

NaNoWriMo is done. I’ll get to that later.

In the mantime, I just want to point out how completely stressed out I am with the economy collapsing.  I’m trying to talk myself down, which has become a daily event.  Erin and I don’t have all that many responsibilities, and so far nothing adverse has struck.  But right now it’s hard to see a bottom to it, and I can’t say I had any Steinbeck-fueled romantic desire to live through a Depression, if there are people with that sort of thing.  I’d say not, but let’s face it, someone out there is secretly thinking “Now I can write the great 21st century American novel!”

Or not.  That was just a little fantasy I cooked up to distract myself from the stress.

Anyway, I hope life is treating all of you well, right now. Here’s hoping we get through this minimal doom.

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