Studio Trailers Suck

What exactly is wrong in the brains of the studio marketing teams who produce most trailers?  How many “In a world…” jokes need to be made before they at least come up with a new formula to run into the ground?  I mean, when even the parody is getting old, it’s time for a change up.

A couple of years ago when Paprika came out, the first trailer to hit the net was a little unpolished, but eye-catching.  It had great music – which turned out ot be from the film’s awesome soundtrack – and a whole lot of really cool and trippy imagery.  I watched it about a dozen times until I got the chance to see the film in theaters.

A few weeks ago, I got something out of Netflix and a trailer for Paprika was in front of it.  I figured I’d watch the trailer again; I liked the film and the music and I could spend the minute and a half reliving some Satoshi Kon style weirdness.  Instead of the cool first trailer, I got this Movie Guy Narration style piece of junk.

I like the movie and after watching the trailer even I don’t really want to see it.  It’s not even a good description of the movie. It’s a really awful back of a novel plot blurb. And the music sucks.

Who cut this and why?  Who is this trailer appealing to, exactly?  Mass market film zombies?  They aren’t watching Satoshi Kon anime anyway, I can assure you.   And even if they were, I seriously doubt there’s a single person watching a trailer saying “Yeah, but I need to know if I’m in a near future where there’s a machine that can control our dreams! I can’t see this film!”

Though if you are out there saying that, please leave a comment.  I’d love to do some psychoanalysis.

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