Christmas Eve Link Roundup

This Christmas Message is brought to you by the Archangel Wing Zero
This Christmas message has been brought to you by the Archangel Wing Zero!

You, my faithful readers, get a present from me today.  The present? Links you could have – and likely already did – find on your own!

I’m bloody awesome, aren’ t I?

10 Minute Twilight – Come on, Twilight fans, you know it’s kinda true.

A three part interview with Neil Gaiman.

Someone got me this for Christmas, right?

The December Baseline Scenario -Because I’d like to ruin Christmas by drawing attention to the global economic crisis, ‘k?

A Friggin’ Dinosaur Comic – To cheer you up from that last link.

A shot expressing exactly why the inner 10 year old boy in me loves Gundam so much.

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One Response to Christmas Eve Link Roundup

  1. Brent says:

    My reaction to this list of links:

    Click on final link. Open Finder. Navigate to Pictures > Wallpapers. Drag to image to folder.

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