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I am shocked to discover I am not a real writer.  So says some guy I’ve never heard of who has proclaimed himself a more serious writer than me because I participated in NaNoWriMo and he did not.  Ok, he wasn’t talking about me specifically, but he cast a nice wide net in which I am caught.

Technically this podcast is from last month, but since I found it today it gets nominated for an award I made up on the spot.  It’s basically a 6 minute rant in which Jeffrey R. DeRego lays out that NaNoWriMo cannot possibly be good, under any circumstances, for any writer.  Either you’re a “typist” who’s just cranking out words, or your failure to make it to 50k in 30 days will discourage you so badly you’ll give up on writing.  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  Like everyone else on the Internet, DeRego has decided that his personal preferences are universal law.  Congrats!

Let me offer you some advice in the spirit of your podcast: STFU.  Your one story writing credit listed on the Writing Show is published on a site that still has the default WordPress text on its about page and you write horror reviews under the pseudonym “Big McLargeHuge”.  Exactly what moral high ground are you claiming on those credentials?  Who deputized you into the Writing Technique Sheriff’s department?


I’m not one to write posts solely criticize people for where and what they write.  If you publish your Harry Potter slash on your Geocities website, more power to you.  Writing is hard, and however you find the time and energy to do it I respect that.  I may not like the work, and I can’t promise that I don’t say inappropriately mean things to my friends after I’ve read them, but as I rule I don’t go around bashing writing outlets.  In fact, I apologize right now for any slight I gave to the Escape Pod.  All I’m saying is that DeRego’s publisher is hardly Harper Collins and is little justification to consider himself a superior writing professional.

I”ve read a bit of DeRego’s work, but I won’t comment on it.  The quality of his writing is irrelevant.  He could be a fantastic writer, winning Pulitzers and Hugos and Nebulas and he’d still be a giant a-hole for his podcast.  And he’d still be wrong.

As for The Writing Show, a site whose tagline claims it is a place of information and inspiration for writers, good job on staffing up with people who dismiss entire groups of writers as nothing more than “typists.”  I’m officially inspired.

p.s. Writing 1,600 words a day – the goal for NaNo – is hardly that enormous.  I’ve written 1,100 words for this blog alone in the last 4 hours.  Or was I just typing? Damn.

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