I’m trying something new.  A friend of mine is putting up a show in a next week at Your Inner Vagabond called “The Body Beautiful” of which yours truly will play a part.  One thing I’ll be doing is premiering a short film, but that’s not the new thing.   That’s just a little extra shameless promotion there.

The new thing is that I’m filming something unfictional.  Something downright truthy.  This week I’m filming interviews with the cast and crew of “The Body Beautiful” to talk about the way they view the body as a work of art, and how they see their own body in that context.  The intent isn’t to make a coherent documentary out of it. Instead it’s going to be a bit of video art that will play both before the show and over the intermission.

Usually at plays you have soundtrack playing to set the mood.  Instead, we’ll run pieces of these interviews, giving the audience a peek at the people who made the show happen, and how the themes of the show are personal to them.

I’ve never shot anything that wasn’t a piece of narrative fiction before, so it’s an odd experience.  I like doing the interviews; it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but never had a project that merited it. Now it’s in front of me and it’s totally different from shooting a film.  It’s personal and intimate, a private conversation, but one that’s meant to be shown to as many other people as possible.

There’s a bit of fantasy fulfillment in it, I think.  When I was a kid, I imagined myself flying an X-Wing.  Now I imagine myself doing a piece for This American Life.  Oh how we grow up.

If you’re in the area next weekend, come out and take a look.  There will be plays and films and exhibited art and photography.  Should be a good time.   Shows run Wed Jan 21 8pm – Wed Jan 21 10:30pm (Daily at 8pm until Sat Jan 24 8pm).  Tickets are $12.

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