Follow-Up: GRRM on BSG

Well, turns out his response was even less insightful than I feared.

George R. R. Martin made his brief case for why he hated the end of Battlestar Galactica, and he reverted to the overused “God did it” complaint.  It’s unfortunate, especially because he framed his complaint as a “Writing 101” error, which, as you can imagine if you read my – ahem – impassioned post about my frustrations with A Song of Ice and Fire,  I took as somewhat ironic.

Leaving aside the fact that a deus ex machina is not always, in every case, a bad way to end a story – certainly the narrative foundation of the Western world is built on poems and plays rife with them – I think the “God did it” criticism is just shallow.  The finale sucks because a character gives a speech you don’t like that takes up 2 minutes of a 3 hour finale? That’s all there is to say?

Not that the ending is a deus ex machina, anyway.  If you didn’t see the mystical overtones coming years ago, starting all the way back in season 1, you were constructing your own ideal version of Galactica that did not exist.  Much like as I didn’t see A Song of Ice and Fire expanding endlessly starting with book 2, it’s probably my own fault for being so frustrated now.  We see what we want to see, no?

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  1. tychoish says:

    I’ve seen a lot of complaints against the BSG ending on the grounds that “god did it,” and while there were things that didn’t make sense (Cavil’s suicide, Tory’s demise was underdeveloped. Adam’s “leaving” was a bit weak, etc.) the “god element” is sort of core to all of BSG and this BSG in general.


    (anyway, we have an old blogging friend in common, and so I’m introducing myself, and I’m glad we agree on this)

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