Alex Blumberg Read My Haiku!

So NPR’s Planet Money podcast challenged its listeners last week: Write a haiku inspired by the recession.  A challenge like that is not one I can pass up.   Especially since haiku is just about the only kind of verse I can write without making babies cry and grown men rend their robes in despair.

Just over 200 people responded with their entries, and of those, about a dozen were read on the podcast that Friday.  Mine was one of them, read by none other than one of my favorite This American Life contributors: Alex Blumberg. Even more than the thrill of hearing it on the podcast, having Alex read something I wrote was just awesome.

And then today? They picked 5 of the haiku and read them nationally, on NPR’s Morning Edition. Including mine.

If you’re interested, you should stop in to that link and listen. The story’s a 4 minute piece by Chana Jaffe-Walt on poetry publication woes in this crappy economy.  At the end they read the haiku.  I think mine is second, but so you know what you’re listening for, here’s the haiku:

thirty winters gone

mills still empty by the shore

some things won’t return

Yes, so awesome your heart is singing.  Whatever. It’s haiku, cut me some slack. Anyway, it was read by Alex Frakking Blumberg on NPR, so that’s gotta make it a little better, right?

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  1. I love you man, but you are wrong to make light of this. Your haiku was the best. It asks us to learn from history and face the hard truths. Things will be disappear while leaving their mark as a reminder. What replaces them is up to us.

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