Friday Wrap Up

It’s been a hell of a week.  It really has.

Last Friday I was waking up to test my equipment and get psyched up for the 48. Thinking about that is kind of surreal. This time last week, nothing that’s on my mind today had even happened yet. No pulling Musical or Western and freaking out.  No writing and smoking Rocky Patel Jr.’s and drinking sake.  Not getting a new cast and crew together or struggling with an echoing room or shooting a 4 minute dinner scene in a couple of hours.  I hadn’t freaked out over last minute output problems, or freaked out over whether the movie files I turned in would play for the 48, or freaked out over whether the screening audience would like my film.

By the end of a week like that, part of me wants to sleep and play video games for a month, and part of me that’s so buzzed from the feeling of getting something done that I want to do it again right frakking now.

I won’t. I’ll do something closer to the former. I’ve got writing to do, and I’ll chip away at that, but it’ll be longer than I expect before I shoot something else. Truth is, it’s a lot of work and easy to screw up, so rushing into another project would be very dumb.  Better to think it out.

And buy a video game.  And sleep.

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