The Fight Scene Everyone Should See

The first thing I ever shot in my meager filmmaking lifetime was a fight scene.  If it was worse than this scene, it wasn’t much worse.

(hat tip to Lumix for finding this one)

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5 Responses to The Fight Scene Everyone Should See

  1. I always wondered why Mortal Kombat fight scenes looked so stiff. Turns out they were trying to mimic this scene!

  2. saalon says:

    Hahaha. I think my favorite bit is when they rip each others shirts off and are already oiled up for the fight. Insane.

  3. Brennen says:

    I don’t know whether it’s the ripped-from-a-1980s-gay-porn-film vibe, the way that it periodically, for a few frames, gives the impression of having been choreographed and performed by people who sort of knew what they were doing, or that ending, but I would pretty much have to agree that this is a contender for best fight scene of all time.

  4. saalon says:

    Totally. If the fighting were any worse, the scene wouldn’t be as much fun. The fleeting shadows of competence just make the whole thing that much more memorable.

    “See you.”


  5. Steven Till says:

    That scene makes me laugh. Is that supposed to be serious? What movie is that from?

    We definitely shot better fight scenes for movies we made in high school, minus all the greasiness.

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