Dragons of Craptacularity


I have a challenge for you.

It’ll be easier if you have Netflix and Watch Instantly.  If not, it’s still worth it if you can do it for free.

Get yourself a stopwatch.  Optionally, pour yourself a few shots of tequila or, if you prefer, vodka.  Then, start watching Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight.

Time how long you get into it before your hand involuntarily snatches the remote and turns it off.  If you think slamming a few shots will improve your resolve, feel free.  I doubt it will help.

I was sober and I made it 5 minutes.

Trust me, you’ll be glad you tried.  It’ll be like the getting a red badge of courage for sitting through horrible animation.

Can you make it to 6 minutes?

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  1. I never even really liked those books. Maybe I read them too late in life. I’ve -almost- picked up the movie about a half a dozen times, if only for the lack of fantasy movies out there.

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