Truth In Dating Advice

From Massawyrm over at Aint It Cool News comes this bit of advice more people need to take. A lot more people. A giant, heaving mountain of people.

Of course, it’s buried in a review of the new Twilight film.

There is a rule about dating women like this that older generations often have to pass onto the younger: if a woman tells you she is trouble, if she tells you that you want no part in her problems, if she swears that she has too much shit in her life to fall in love, you need to fucking believe her. Because it is all true, every word of it. She is a woman so wrapped up in her own shit that she focuses like a laser beam on them making them the very essence of her personality. You will not save her. You cannot fix her. And she will be an absolute tempest of frustration and bitterness until she finds a way to get over her own shit.

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