It’s Time To Do This For Real

It’s something I always tell myself. There are long stretches, even, when I manage to pull it off. Then it falls apart again, probably just when I need to keep moving.  It’s why, for all the progress I’ve made, I don’t have to show for it what I want.

Here we are again, then.  Looking at the last four months and seeing very, very little to show for it that wasn’t my day job.  I’d guess I wrote maybe – maybe – 10,000 words in that time.  Even my blog has sat fallow.  Blog posts are just a bandaid to feeling bad about not writing enough, I realize,  but at least it’s something.  At least it’s not just a pile of code that isn’t yours and you can’t even really show to anyone.

I have a finished novel.  I have a pretty good finished novel. And it needs to get published.  That means I need to send out more query letters, and not wait 8 months before sending out the next batch.  That needs to start this weekend.

I have, maybe, a quarter of a new novel.  It’s going to need heavy revision when the time comes, but at present, the word count is just shy of 60,000.  Considering Broken Magic was around 75,000 in total, that’s not a bad start.  I need to write more of that, and I need to write it faster.

And I need to write other things when I hit a wall on the current novel.  Short stories. Novellas (oh, yeah, I have one of those finished that I stopped sending out after one rejection letter).  Another novel.  Anything.  Anything at all.

Because if I’m serious about this writing thing, I need to stop screwing around, no matter how good a procrastinator I am.

Now, let’s see how much good saying this out loud does me.

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4 Responses to It’s Time To Do This For Real

  1. Davd Wiley says:

    If you like I can offer my services as a nagger. My wife can provide references on my professional attitude towards the craft as well as my consistency and stamina.

  2. Here’s some incentive. Get it published so I can purchase a copy. Combined with millions of other buyers, you can bring in some mad cash and roll in it like Stephen King, retire from your day job, and use the rest of you life to alternately procrastinate and write as the mood strikes you.

    Or you can continue to design web sites on multiple platforms with multiple tools to the detriment of your stress levels and health.

    Your choice. Be well. :)

  3. Brian Love says:


    Please add the category of “Doing” to this post and then make it true. You can.

  4. Brian Love says:

    PS Just so you know you’re not in this alone, I need to add this to my “Doing” list, too. And add me to Ian’s line at the bookstore.

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