I’ve never had much of a cause to purposely drop websites off my reading list.  Back before I started pulling everything into Google Reader, I either kept reading or drifted away naturally, one day realizing something had fallen so far off my radar that I hadn’t read it in months.  Thinking back, the few times I got so fed up with something that I stopped came riding giant waves of wrath.  Even things I still gripe about losing their way, like Megatokyo, I still drifted slowly, slowly away from until I stopped caring enough to reload the page.

Now, the annoyances wait in a queue.  There’s no simple failure to load a page up for a week or two.  If you don’t want to read something you’ve got to see the little bold name of the blog in the sidebar, click a button to mark it as read.  Even that button is making you lie about what you’re doing; I ain’t marking it read. I’m saying I never will.

When that goes on for a few weeks, you start asking yourself why you can’t even be bothered to scan over a post or two a day without getting ticked off.  A month or two longer and your relationship with a blogger has become the effort it takes you every day to throw their work in the trash. Blog junk mail, building up on a coffee table.

So now I have to start hitting the unsubscribe button, an explicit statement of Never Again I apparently feel more uncomfortable with that I’d have guessed.  Why else are there a half dozen heads on the chopping block that I haven’t even glanced at for two months? Hell, I haven’t read Paul Krugman for almost a year, and he’s still on there, eating up twenty or thirty seconds a day. I don’t know what I’m afraid of missing eternally that I haven’t missed for months.

Oh, hey, there’s a psychological black hole I don’t want to step into. My inability to step away from something when I should.  My history of sticking with something I long ago came to hate, until I have just enough resentment built up to say something nasty and slam the door.

Yeah, let’s not look at that too closely just yet.

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