Straight Out Crazy

So I’m on my second glass of wine right now, moving onto my third.  It’s a drinking run fueled entirely by mounting terror over the kamikaze attack on our economy currently underway in Congress.  Look.  It’s no secret I’m a liberal and that I think the great majority of conservative economic, social and foreign policies are inhumane and self-centered.  I realize I’m not go-to source for anyone when it comes to unbiased political analysis.

But what the bloody hell are the Republicans thinking right now?  Is there an even remotely charitable way to interpret their position in this debt ceiling debate?  The only consistant position through all of it is that they’ll refuse any and all tax increases.  The rest is a shifting landscape of insanity, leading to moments like today when Harry Reid offers them a plan that basically does everything they asked for a few weeks ago only to be met with cries of derision.  Is there any way to view “No we don’t want what we said we wanted!” through any lens save insanity?

When conservatives went all death panal bonanza on the health care bill’s back yard, I got ticked, but the consequences for that bill not passing were diffuse and long term enough that I could understand how they felt comfortable doing it.  Same goes for pretty much every other argument over every other bill to this point.

But this thing with threatening the validity of US debt?  This is like playing a game of chicken where someone swerves, and the other one purposely swerves the same way to make sure they still hit.  When Agent Orange gets on TV to blast a plan that meets every one of his demands, you know we’re around the bend.  At this point, I have to assume that a sizable chunk of Boehner’s caucus really does want the U.S. to default on its debt.  Some people just want to watch the world burn, etc.

I still have hope that we’ll get an extension signed before it’s too late, but that hope is dwindling faster than I can fill my next glass of wine.

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