I’m all caught up with Mad Men, a show I avoided for years. It was fueled by my natural desire to see highly praised things fail so I can make nasty comments when the ship finally sinks into the ocean from the weight of overinflated expectations.  And, no, I don’t know what you’d have to inflate an expectation with to make it denser than water. And, no, I don’t think that joke was very funny.  Bugger off.

The point is that the show (which, ok, is pretty fantastic) was all the elitist alcoholic within needed to learn to make old school cocktails. I was already half there – for the love of god, I hold an annual mojito party – but now I’ve got not only bourbon in my bar, but two kinds of bitters.  This isn’t going to end well.  I even started drinking proper gin martinis, despite my love of vodka and seething disdain for gin. And liking them. A lot.

The breaking point was watching Don Draper make an Old Fashioned and thinking, “I need to take a drive out to the liquor store so I can make one of those right now,” without having a clue what the hell an Old Fashioned was. From there, buying the bottle of Bombay Sapphire was an easy call. When I get the Absinthe next week so I can make a Sazerac, no one should be surprised.  These things, I am sure, never end well.

On the upside, I learned how to make an Old fashioned by watching a how-to by Rachel Maddow.

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