Movies of Summer

Blockbuster season is basically over, and for once I found myself at the theater for quite a few of them.  As Big, Dumb and Loud movies go, this summer has been better than most, but there wasn’t one, single movie that kicked me in the face like, say, Inception did last year.

  • Thor – Maybe the first superhero movie that Erin came out of giggling and happy.  When I heard Kenneth Branagh was directing, I knew I’d get some Shakespearean overtones.  What I wasn’t expecting was how funny the movie would be. It had a big, bold mythological feel and a romance that was sweet, if a little thin. And it was funny!  Maybe the best Marvel Studios movie so far.
  • X-Men: First Class – X-men plus the Cuban missile crisis? Was this movie made just for me? It had a kind of rushed, cheap feel (since the movie was rushed, and probably a little cheap) but it had the guts to make Xavier legitimately wrong and make us feel for Magneto’s side of things in a way I’ve never seen.  But, hey. X-men plus Cuban missile crisis!
  • Bridesmaids – Awesome, awesome, awesome. Funny and vulgar, no pretenses of fitting into some kind of girl movie cliche and just a perfect movie for what it wanted to be.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – Anyone else feel like every single one of these movies got like 90% right, and then made some weird change that actually made the movie less big and exciting? Like in Half Blood Prince  where they removed the battle at Hogwarts and made the whole ending empty and boring? Well they did that again, here.  It was good enough, I guess.
  • Captain America – Hey, look. It’s a period, Indiana Jones-ish superhero film by the guy who directed Rocketeer.  (The rocka-who?).  You’re going to get exactly what you expect.  I could have done with more Stanley Tucci, but who couldn’t? Chris Evans is the real deal. Can’t wait to see him in Whedon’s hands for The Avengers.
  • Fright Night 3D – Take a flawed original movie, fix some of its flaws and create some new ones.  If you want to see the lamest, slowest car chase of all time, look no further. But hey, David Tennant, right?

This summer really could have used an Inception after all, huh?

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