In Which Eric Survives A Horrible Week

I certainly didn’t see that coming.

Last Friday morning, it all went to crap. Our site – the big, ticket selling one and not the new, not ticket selling one – started having problems. Bad problems. Can’t sell ticket problems. For a ticket selling website, you might call that kind of thing a critical problem. We were up and down for most of the day, and couldn’t figure out why we were suddenly having problems when things had been going well for so long. It quieted down over the weekend, but Monday, the problems came back with a vengeance.

Monday night found me angry, depressed and feeling hopeless. I might have had a bit of a breakdown on the couch that night before going to bed. Might have. Not saying I did. Tuesday was slightly better, if only because I’d gone slightly numb to the stress and was starting to get a handle on what was going wrong. It still didn’t stop me from maybe, possibly, emotionally shutting down for a bit on Tuesday night at the hockey game and freaking Erin out. Perhaps. Maybe. Not saying that happened.

Wednesday I came in, soundtrack to Tron: Legacy pouring into my brain through earbuds, with a plan. I think the plan might have worked.

Things have been better since Wednesday morning. I’m still not convinced everything is solved, but I certainly have a handle on the main problem and my fixes got us through a really busy day of sales. So, maybe, possibly, crisis averted.

The awesome thing about a week of unmanageable stress is the time immediately following, when you aren’t actually stressed anymore but don’t remember a thing about what your life was like before you were going out of your mind. What was I doing? Was I working on something? Was that day I was sitting on the couch losing my mind really only four days ago? It hasn’t been an entire month of me freaking out?

Considering this all came on the heels of my little writer-crisis, I think this adds up to about a week and a half of me feeling like a bloody lunatic.

So here’s what I’m asking. To the universe.

Can I take the weekend off? Just the weekend. I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks. You’re the best. I especially dig what you’re doing with supernovae. Those things are sick.

XOXO, Eric.

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4 Responses to In Which Eric Survives A Horrible Week

  1. Mere says:

    God says yes. And yes, I am God.

  2. samatwitch says:

    I am just a messenger from God – but I say yes, too. ;)

  3. Carissa says:

    I may or may not be God, but it’s always been all about me, and I give you weekend off, so God be damned, you shall have it.

  4. Eric says:

    Well, damn if the whole celestial chorus didn’t just chime in. I don’t know how to properly say thank you for the support in this, my darkest hour, so I’ll have to do it the normal way.

    Thank you, friends.

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