Your Happy New Year Moment of Awesome: The Raid

Hey, everyone! Happy New Year! With the holidays wrapping up, I’m hoping I can scrape my life back together. Someone reminded me that I might have over-promised my goals this year, so I should probably get on that, like, immediately.

2012 is looking to be a fun year of film, and nothing has my little geek heart fluttering like The Raid. I love foreign action films – Ong Bak knocked my butt off – and seeing Indonesia getting in on the hard edged martial arts action scene excites the heck out of me. Just check this trailer out!

Warning: This is a red band trailer, which means it’s got some – ahem – violence. Like, some bloody, bullets and fists into heads kind of action. If it’s not your thing, be warned now. If it is, be warned that extreme awesome is afoot.

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  1. Mere says:

    I’m in. No more needs be said.

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