A Brief Update From A Blogless Life

First, let’s get business out of the way. Stop SOPA. Stop PIPA. You know how you know they’re bad laws? The MPAA wants it badly enough to call today’s Internet Blackout Protest Thing an “abuse of power.” Hilarious. Anyway, get schooled.

Second, where the heck have I been? Well.

The important thing is that I’ve been hard at work. Maybe not as hard at work as I’d like to have been (I never am), but I’ve had my eye on the prize. The prize, of course, is writing something I can sell. (Ok, also writing something I can shoot. I have a couple of prizes in sight. I like prizes.)  To that end, I’ve been writing in my expensive little Moleskine notebook with an expensive, archival inked pen as much as possible. Things are coming together. Not as quickly as I’d like (it never is), but things are happening. Things are also moving on the webseries. Pre-writing is happening on all fronts, even if the blog makes it look like I’m curled up on my couch.

To be fair, there’s been some curling up on the couch. I had some bad days recently and that was about all I wanted to do. Which is the other side of not updating the blog. I haven’t exactly been bursting with enthusiasm of late, and I’m taking what productivity I can squeeze out of myself and putting it somewhere it can do the most good.

All that said, I hope to be blogging again soon. Maybe Friday. Maybe next week. Not beyond that. Blogging is important to getting things done. The time it takes is nothing compared to the feeling of doing something it imparts. I’ll be back.

But in the meantime, things are creeping forward.

See you all soon.

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5 Responses to A Brief Update From A Blogless Life

  1. Mere says:

    Curling up on the couch is a necessary part of the creative process. Just because you’re not moving your fingers doesn’t mean you’re not moving your brain. So ease up off my friend before I get medieval in this mutha.

  2. Eric says:

    I’ve been doing the healthy variety curling up on the couch, too. Totally part of the game. Though last night I thought it was going to be healthy and then I watched Leverage, so that might have turned out not as I intended.

    Also, please don’t get medieval up in here. It’s scary enough when you get contemporary.

  3. I’m pulling for you.

  4. Carissa says:

    I’m schooled! I called my senator and my house rep. I’m so proud. ;-)

    Webseries. Why did I not know of this? Excitement! Keep your chin up and remember that thinking about what you are going to do is as important as doing it. For you, at least, because I know you will act on it. If I was giving myself advice, it would be different. Like, get your ass off the couch. You can enjoy the couch and still be productive.

  5. samatwitch says:

    My method of writing is usually to cogitate until I have it settled in my mind and then I just write, so curling up on the couch or in a chair is definitely part of the process!

    Good luck with your projects.

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