Basically, Run (In April)

I’m a bad learner unless I have a goal. I never properly learned programming until I had a job, and some projects, at which I didn’t want to fail. Writing? Set a real deadline for myself, or I might as well embrace those empty pages. And physical activity? Working out and stuff? Ha! Ha ha ha. Ha.

I don’t run unless I’m running towards.

I had a great fall, what with that zombie 5k obstacle course thing looming large. Not wanting to beclown myself on a muddy track packed with Walking Dead nerds and people dressed as Team Rocket from Pokemon, I ran regularly and often until I got myself up to a respectable-only-to-me 13 minute mile. As soon as it passed? Hello, couch!

It was time to do myself a favor and give myself a goal. Employing some epic Google-fu (one skill in which I have no doubt: my ability to search), I found this. Ok, so a flat 5K run along a river is nowhere near as cool as running with the bulls zombies, but it is a goal, and it’s far enough away that I have a chance to get myself back into shape. I paid the registration fee as soon as I found it. No, losing $25 by not going to this won’t kill me, but the ego-pain of failing to get ready for a measly 5K river run in April should be enough to do the trick.

I need to thank Mels for this, actually, because in suggesting this truly torturous looking obstacle course that’s clearly beyond me, she prodded me into doing something I’d been putting off. If anyone’s got anything along those lines – preferably ones that don’t require me to climb things and give myself a mid-course panic attack – feel free to clue me in. I might need to challenge myself a little more after a leisurely run up and down a beautiful river. Or I might chicken out, like I did with Mels’ climbing death race. You never can tell.

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  1. Mere says:

    You are officially locked in now, sucka. No chickening out, no begging off, no “Oh, my legs are broken, wah, wah!” I want my goddamn money’s worth — AND PICTURES.

  2. Mere says:

    WOO-HOO! You’re the top Individual Leader!

  3. Dave Wiley says:

    I have similar struggles and similar goals, but I have a hard time keeping up with running, unicycling, mountain biking, swimming or anything else that can easily get shut down by the weather or that I have to go out of my way to do. Eventually it gets squeezed out. My first solution was to only get to work under my own power. This meant 6 miles of something every day. Usually this was a bike ride. A 6 mile bike ride isn’t a lot, but it’s better than nothing. Then I moved to working at home. Argh! Slackness started to settle in.

    I decided to do at least a half hour of something everyday, but try for an hour. The coffee shop is a 15 minute walk each way so that counts. The grocery store is a 30 minute walk so that makes a good day. Snow shoveling also works during the winter so far from being impeded by weather a good snow just gives me something different to do. It’s worked pretty well. Now if I ride my bike to the store I feel like I’m slacking.

    This works really well for me because now exercise is just a part of my life. It’s not something that I have to make time for or can easily let slide for a day or two or month or two. Sooner or later I’ll run out of food.

  4. cabri says:

    Good luck! I have an annual goal of a zoo 5k in September but I haven’t actually made it in … Gods, 6 or 7 years. Winter always kicks my butt right onto the couch.

  5. samatwitch says:

    Good luck with this. When I first started going to the physio about my back, I couldn’t walk to the end of the hall in my apartment building, but I gradually (8 months) worked up to a 2.5k (+ 2.5k tp and from the car!). then a 5k the next month (+ 5k walking home) to a 10k (+ 5k walking home) and a 5k and 10k the following year, before plantar faciitis sidelined me. Of course, I was walking not running, but if I could do that, you can run your 5k in April. ;)

  6. Mels says:

    aw, you coulda done it. we coulda been TeamAWESOMEandwehateourselves
    (You’re welcome)

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