Your Moment of Awesome: Don’t!

I had this idea that I’d follow up Friday’s post about running away to write with a post about writing first chapters. It was a good idea, too, except for one thing: You don’t have a brain after spending all weekend writing. I got as far as typing a title last night before laughing at myself and deleting it. So the Chapter One post will happen sometime later this week. For now, a vacation. A moment of awesome.

This is in honor of a weekend of being told (wonderfully, helpfully) over and over again, “Don’t waste time! Don’t log onto Twitter! Don’t use the Internet! Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!” I give you Edgar Wright’s fake trailer to the fake movie Don’t, shot for the Tarantino & Rodriguez Grindhouse project.

(Warning. This is a little NSFW, so Don’t watch this if it’ll get you in trouble.)

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2 Responses to Your Moment of Awesome: Don’t!

  1. Mere says:

    It takes a LOT to creep me out. Long story short: mission accomplished. Well done, sir.

  2. Eric says:

    It didn’t. Make. You. Laugh? WEIRD!

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