Your Moment of Awesome: Caffeine Encomium

Back when I was first getting into anime, there was a completely whacked out and brilliant show called Kodomo no Omacha. You might hear people refer to it as Kodacha, or not refer to it at all, because knowing about this show makes you a nerd within a nerd wrapped in an otaku. It followed an elementary school girl who was the star of a show about an elementary school girl called “Child’s Toy”, or, y’know, Kodomo no Omacha. Confused? It’s ok, I was too. The show was a strange mix of Loony Toons humor and the pain of childhood, and if you saw it, you’d probably love it and never be able to explain exactly why. Just like me, and everyone else who’s ever seen it, except for Kevin Caldwell.

There was a time when fan videos were less common, because there wasn’t a YouTube on which to host them. That didn’t stop otaku from making AMVs: Anime Music Videos. And making them a lot. Mostly because, a decade or so ago, they got play at anime conventions and won you bragging rights amongst the 1% of the population that knew that there was anime beyond speed racer. When it came to AMVs, Kevin Caldwell was the king. You might disagree, but you’re wrong, and I’m right, because I said so, so there. Nyah. Caldwell made a lot of really great AMVs, but none better than his ode to Kodacha, “Caffeine Encomium”.  I don’t know what else to say, except to enjoy the madness, and thank me when you’re done.


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2 Responses to Your Moment of Awesome: Caffeine Encomium

  1. cabri says:

    Surprisingly cute. Though the fact that when they open their mouths there’s nothing there is suddenly a bit bothersome. Might be why I never got much into anime.

  2. samatwitch says:

    I love it!! Of course, everything goes better with the William Tell Overture. I have to say, especially with this video, I kept hearing Anita Renfroe singing The Mom Song:

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