All Systems Go! Hot Mess Is Released!

Hot Mess

How do I feel? Really excited.

Between Broken Magic and “She Says Goodbye Tomorrow”, I wrote a fair amount. Some of it, like the breakneck scripting of “co workers”, I’ll defend with reservations. Most, like the two novellas you’ll never read, I’m proud of only because I finished them and was not defeated in their composition. Yet none of them felt as immediate, as personal, or as alive as that first novel. Something had been missing. Something in me. Writing “She Says Goodbye Tomorrow” felt like emerging from hibernation. It was the first time in years I’d found the strength and insight to push entirely through the fog and come out the other side with something real and fought for. I don’t know where the Eric who was capable of that had been, but having him back was a serious relief. Is. Is a serious relief.

Today, that story is finally available for you to read.

Hot Mess is an anthology, a collection of short stories written on the theme of climate change. The stories cover a lot of ground, from stolen fashion to a flooded city, from the near future to a time so distant that the world is no longer the domain of man.  The anthology is entirely the doing of Rachel Lynn Brody. She came up with the idea, chose the authors, cracked the whip (a lot) and helped us make our stories immeasurably better during editing. She’s been in charge of every step of the anthology, and none of it would exist without the incredibly hard work she put into it. I’m just lucky she thought I was worth bringing along for the ride.

Hot Mess is currently available on Amazon for your Kindle or your Kindle-y software. In the coming days and week, we’ll be releasing Nook, Smashwords and a print edition. As those come out, I’ll update this post with links, and shout an awful lot on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

I hope you’ll check it out. Rachel did truly excellent work, and every author did everything they could to keep up with her. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charities of each author’s choice. For my part, I’ll be donating 20% of everything I make from Hot Mess to the Earth Island Institute, a charity that sponsors grassroots environmental efforts around the globe.

I truly hope you enjoy Hot Mess. Because you are going to buy it, right?

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  2. samatwitch says:

    Just bought it! I am looking forward to reading your story – and the others.

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