Your Moment of Awesome: Tsuki no Mayu

There’s one, serious reason I wish people who don’t like anime would watch a little: Yoko Kanno. If you’ve seen some anime but don’t pay attention to composers you might have heard her music. Cowboy Bebop‘s awesomeness is half her doing; the incredible jazz numbers, the riffs on western and funk music and the occasional powerful, uncategorizable pieces (I’m looking at you, “BLUE”) all add soul and texture to an already amazing series. She’s one of the best working composers, an absolute genius who can write any genre of music as if she studied it and only it for her entire life.

In 1999, two of my anime obsessions came together: Yoko Kanno scored a Gundam series. Turn-A Gundam, the last hurrah for the franchise’s creator before moving on to other things, is a lovely series in a lot of ways, but it’s Yoko Kanno’s music that brings it together.

“Tsuki no Mayu” (which I believe translates to ‘Moon’s Cocoon’) is one of my favorite pieces of music. I even wrote a pivotal chapter of my last novel with it playing on repeat, and I can’t think of what song I’d have used in its place if it didn’t exist. I’ll shut up now so you can enjoy one of Yoko Kanno’s finest pieces of music.

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  1. Mere says:

    Beautiful. I hate it when you’re right. So knock it off.

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