Adventures in Self-Publishing

I never intended to self-publish Broken Magic. When I started writing it, the options for that sort of thing were limited. Vanity publishing houses, a few print-on-demand services like Lulu, or sticking up a big, ugly PDF on your own website. I figured it would either get picked up by a publisher, or sit on my computer for all of eternity, unread.

It didn’t sit for eternity, but it sat for a long while. Six years or so.

This is new territory for me. I know very little about self-publishing, self-marketing, and self-not-panic-attacking-after-it-releases. I watched Rachel publish Hot Mess, hoping to pick up some tips. I did. Nothing shows you how little you know like getting a few tips. I’m going to stumble, fall, scrape my knees and try to pretend like I did it on purpose. But in the end, I’m finally going to see my first novel in front of readers. If that’s not worth some scraped knees, I don’t know what is.

So: If I’m going to do this in public, let’s go all out. I’m going to share with you, every step of the way, what I’ve learned. What I hated. What made me scream and what made me cheer. I’m going to try to make the process of self-publishing a novel fun and informative. I’ll make it really easy to point and laugh. Let’s face it. You were going to do that, anyway.

That means I need your advice!

What do you want to know? What should I post? What’s interesting and/or scary about self-publishing that you’d like me to share? I’m going to post weekly between now and the publication of Broken Magic – that should be sometime in September; I’ll let you know – which means I’ve got around 8 posts, minimum. I’ll have more than enough material to use, but I’d like to give the crowd what it wants. If there’s a burning self-publishing topic you want me to discuss, I’ll do my best to give you something worth your time.

Bring it, Hive Mind.

I’m still posting at Yeah Write. If you can take two of my posts in one day, head over to see what I have to say about finding your writing voice.

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5 Responses to Adventures in Self-Publishing

  1. QuoterGal says:

    The stuff *I* want to hear about is possibly not of general interest – I want to hear about process stuff, like how (when you do it) you go about arranging to sell the e-version, and how you e-format it, etc.

    That said, I’ll prolly be interested in whatever aspect of this project you choose to write about – from writing to distribution. Books in any manifestation are my best buds, and their creation: fascinating. Go, you. Publish like the wind.

  2. Michelle Longo says:

    What do I want to know? All of it. This way when it’s my turn, I can pretend I have any clue what I’m doing. Good luck to you. First two chapters were great and I look forward to reading the rest.

  3. Rachel says:


  4. Claire says:

    Copy editing! The process of hiring one, who decides where all the proper commas go, stylistic consistency, etc. Notice that plenty of self-pubs are missing it and it shows. So glad you decided to blog about it rather than KS it. Cheers to you!

  5. Eric says:

    @QuoterGal – I think that those topics are absolutely of general interest. I think a topic on formatting – especially the differences between Dead Tree and E- copies – will be a Must Have in the series. Thank you!

    @Michelle Longo – Write about everything! Leaving it to me makes my narcissism happy. I’ll do my best to expose all the failures so you don’t have to share in them. :)

    @Rachel – Oh you *want* me to talk publicly about that?

    @Claire – Will do! Not that I hired one. More like bribed and coerced one. But yes, I’ll absolutely talk about that part. On the list! (I’m glad I’m not Kickstarting, too.)

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