The Broken Magic Release Giveaway!


I turned in my final revisions of Broken Magic to CreateSpace on Saturday. That was the last step in getting the novel ready for print. I can finally do what I’ve wanted to do for weeks: let you know when you can get your own copy of Broken Magic to read.

Ready for it? Here we go.

Broken Magic will be available in print and for Kindle on Thursday, September 27th.

That doesn’t mean I get to rest. Self-publishing never sleeps. That’s no reason not to have a little fun, right?

Fun? What kind of fun? How about a way for you to win a free copy of Broken Magic?

I’ve been making a lot of improvements to Saalon Muyo over the past few months. On top of all the cool new blog changes, I’m finally getting onboard with that wild new “e-mail” technology people keep talking about. Yes, it’s true: Saalon Muyo now has an wicked pissah e-mail list! Subscribers will get updates from the blog and news about Broken Magic delivered directly to their inbox!

That’s not all you’ll get. See, I’m all about incentives. Sign up today and you won’t just get news and updates, but also some awesomesauce perks.

  • You’ll be entered into a contest to win a free copy of Broken Magic. If you’ve already signed up, don’t worry! You’re eligible, too.
  • Even better, subscribers who share a link to this post on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and let me know in the comments will be entered a second time! The winner will be announced on Monday, September 24th.
  • You’ll get a discount code for the print copy of Broken Magic. Not only will you be the first to know when it’s available, but you’ll get 20% off when it is.
  • Fancy, monthly exclusive content! Be the first to receive sample chapters of my upcoming novel, plus an awesome new project To Be Announced!

Pretty good, right? I’m even throwing in a special sign-up present: A truly humiliating picture of me will arrive with your welcome e-mail to the list.

Finally, I will not ever, for any reason, sell or give away your e-mail address. It’s mine and mine alone. You will only be annoyed by e-mail directly from yours truly.

Sign up today. You know you want the humiliating photo.


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17 Responses to The Broken Magic Release Giveaway!

  1. Brian says:

    It Came! It Finally Came! – Sid Phillips

  2. Mere says:

    Dammit, I already have this humiliating photo! I demand a different one. I mean, a different one from the other one where you’re looking drunk and fey and wearing a Tron shirt with Mickey Mouse ears. Everyone has that one.

  3. Can’t wait to check it bro! It’ll be the first book I’ve read in YEARS!

  4. Carissa says:

    I hope you’ll forgive me for not buying your book straight away. Damned life changes and all that. But you can guarantee I will purchase it when I get my first paycheck for whatever new job I get. I don’t want a free copy. That defeats the purpose of all your hard work! I’m proud of you kiddo.

  5. Carole Mannino says:

    Shared your link on FB! Congratulations….I will be purchasing one of the books, just not sure which format yet!

  6. i signed up! can’t wait for humiliating photo!!


  7. You had me at ‘humiliating…’

  8. Dan says:

    “The new e-book is in! The new e-book is in! I’m somebody.” Okay, Broken Magic Underwear with Romney Potter is a no go. Not to worry, Your new sequel- Broken Magic Johnson. It will cross over into that lucrative, highly coveted, YA Jock market.

    *Kindle Boner*

  9. congratufuckinglations. that’s great. you can send me the humiliating photo but i’m bloody well BUYING a copy of the book, and then tweeting & talking about it all over the place. I mean, to my vast readership of about 45 people. But they’re the very BEST people, evah. So it’s quality thing.
    seriously – congratulations and I can’t wait to read it!

  10. samatwitch says:

    I am already subscribed to your blog – does that mean I’m subscribed to your e-mail list? I also retweeted and posted on FB &Google+; however I just noticed that you said the book comes out on Thursday, September 29th. Ummm, isn’t September 29th a Saturday?

  11. Kaylynne Karoly says:

    I just shared your marvelous Mom’s announce on my FB page and I am as proud and excited as I can be! Bravo, Eric!

  12. Kimi says:

    Congratulations for taking the big step. Say hi to your mom for me! Shared your link on FB.

  13. Kaylynne Karoly says:

    Please excuse the typo(s)! I’m hyped about this. Can’t wait.

  14. Peach says:

    Officially stalking… I mean… subscribed to you now, and I tweeted link to this post. But aside from that, I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Big huge congrats to you, my friend! :)

    ps – nice pic. There HAS to be a story there…

  15. I was going to tweet this even before I saw that I got another entry. Really. (This is so exciting.) Ellen

  16. Rachel says:

    PHEW. Signed up. Was worried I’d miss the humiliating photo.

  17. shannon says:

    You need to start a FB fan page! It’s REALLY going to help spread the word. I came looking for it. Super easy and so amazing for things just like this!


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