What’s the Word on the Street?

(Would you rather read the dark mirror of this announcement? Fine, off with you!)

I have something awesome to announce: I’m probably going to die — messily, in public, in front of thousands of people — on September 22nd.

(Though this is my fondest wish, dream, and hope… alas, it is also probably a lie. Unless I grow bored. –mere)

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.

(He said to every girlfriend he ever had. So, like, once.)

Selling a self-published book is hard. This isn’t news to anyone, but I want to mention it again because I really like sympathy. (Pity whore.) Also because the difficulty of finding customers for self-published books leads you to do crazy things like, say, travel to another country to sell books at a giant street fair. (Or, say, travel to another country to sell books at a giant street fair alongside your mortal enemy.) Y’know, little things like that.

Yes, friends and readers, I’m taking Broken Magic on the road, across the border, and into the streets. The streets of Toronto, to be specific.

On Sunday, September 22nd I’ll be selling Broken Magic at Toronto’s Word on the Street Festival. This will be my first ever book fair, and my first ever time selling books direct to you, the reading public.

Exciting? Hell yes, but it’s about to get so much awesomer.

(You’re goddamn right it is.)

I won’t be going to Word on the Street alone.

Also at the booth — selling a new book called Cowface and Other Hilarious Stories About Death, as well as a newly-revised edition of her classic, The Blood Room — will be my archnemesis Mere Smith!

(Pretty sure they picked that up a couple paragraphs ago, Sipple, but whatevs.)

You heard that right, ladies, gentlemen, and impressionable children: Mere and I are bringing our books — along with our Martin-and-Lewis-meets-Holmes-and-Moriarty comedy act (clearly I’m Martin and Holmes and Moriarty; you’re just Jerry Lewis) — to Toronto.

Let me say that again. Mere Smith, the amazing writer of amazing episodes of Angel and Rome and a whole mess of other excellent television shows (and, let’s be honest, some pretty crappy ones, too) will be there with fantastic books that you will want to buy and read. And she’ll be stuck with me in a tiny booth, surrounded by thousands of people desperate to be entertained.

(Hey, you know what would be entertaining? Slowly dismembering you over the course of the day, finger by hand by arm by head. I think people would stick around to watch that.)

Which brings me back to dying messily on the streets of Toronto. Have mercy on my soul, if you can find it in your heart.

Word on the Street is a big experiment for us, and a not insignificant risk. We want to get our books in front of readers who don’t know those books exist, and sometimes the only way to do that is to literally stand in front of them and wave the books. But going to a book fair means (a ton of logistical drudgery I left Eric to resolve on his own because I’m lazy and mostly incompetent) renting space, marketing, buying books to bring with us, and traveling to a strange, foreign land.

(Oh, come on! Canada is just like America only with fewer guns, nicer people, excellent healthcare, and… seals. Wait, do we have seals, too?)

There’s a lot of work and a bit of up-front cost going into this little adventure, and we have no idea what to expect when we get there, so…

If you or anyone you know can be at the Word on the Street festival on September 22nd to patronize us (more than I patronize Sipple already), we would be so happy to see you. This is your chance to buy a book direct from our hands and to see our hatred for each other live and in person. Pay Mere enough and she might even sign some copies in my blood. So maybe don’t pay her that much, ‘k? (I’ll do it for free.)

Come to Word on the Street! Tell your friends about Word on the Street! Help us make this adventure a success.

My life might depend on it.


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4 Responses to What’s the Word on the Street?

  1. K. L. Karoly says:

    Oh brave ones! Thou doest lead the way for un-hero worship and wailing, ghashing whilst one tries not to giggle! Methinks I will notify (?Warn?) Elizabeth a world traveling Geologist who is known to your magnificent Mere. Elizabeth (trust me on this one) is a perfect fit. LOL

  2. Catherine says:

    Awesome! I wish I could come buy copies and demand signings and songs!

  3. NYPinTA says:

    I would love to be there! (Although I fear if I show up on Lionesss’s (?) doorstep one more time she’ll start charging me rent. Which would be totally fair.) We’ll see.

  4. Jenni says:

    Practice in Toronto, and next spring we’ll see you at the LA Times Festival of Books! (I’ll actually finally go to it if you guys are there.)

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