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We researched Canadian facts. We admitted our inability to spell words with multiple Os. We revealed the excellent and awesome covers of the books we’re releasing at the fair. So that’s it, right? All done. Off to Toronto!

Hah! You thought we’re showing up to the biggest book fair in Canada with nothing but books? Our ego demanded so, so much more. Unfortunately for the mighty Karen Wellenkamp of RagTagDesign.com, our ego demanded it…of her.

Okay, okay. It wasn’t all ego. People In The Know warned us: Luring people into our booth-orbit would take more effort than simply laying out copies of our books and sticking up some price signs. We needed shiny things. We needed swag.

Before we take a stroll through the Swag Gallery, I want you to remember something: All of this was designed by Karen between the beginning of August and the beginning of September, and during that month she also designed the covers of Mere(@EvilGalProds)’s books. What I’m getting at here is it’s time to show some respect.

You! Yes, you! Take off that hat! And throw your gum out!

Thank you. Now, if everyone would follow me. I have pretty things to show you.

First up, something we sort of silently revealed on Twitter this Monday. MAGNETS*!


These wonderful  bundles of ordered particles will be yours if you come to the booth and buy a book. They aren’t for sale and they aren’t for trade. They’re a reward.

But don’t worry! For those of you who like to grab stuff off of tables and not pay for it, we have just the thing for you. Something that pairs nicely with a book, yes, but that’s yours whether you support a couple of hard-working indie author-publishers or not.

What are these wonderful things? Why, bookmarks, of course!

Photo Sep 18, 7 28 57 PM

Photo Sep 18, 7 30 06 PM

Photo Sep 18, 7 30 14 PM

Photo Sep 18, 7 30 22 PM

How badass are those? I’ve already stolen a stack of each for myself. No more torn-off pieces of index card as bookmarks for me!

Finally, we have something truly cool. Not only because they look great, but because they represent the Grand Experiment Mere and I are conducting at our booth. We’re offering more than physical copies of our books. We’re also selling ebooks right there, live at the fair, and we’re letting you pay what you want.

You tell us what our wonderful digitized books are worth to you, and they’re yours for whatever you decide. We’re putting it in your hands. Because we trust you. And because we’re hoping someone accidentally hands us a $100 bill.

Selling ebooks at a fair is no small task, though. It’s not like we can just hand out USB sticks (okay, we tried that, but USB sticks are expensive!), and email is great, but some people might not want to give us an email address. We needed something physical, something people could walk away with and even share. So we took a crazy idea we had to Karen, and she came back with these beauties:

Photo Sep 18, 7 28 15 PM

Photo Sep 18, 7 28 29 PM

That’s right. Why rely on email when you can rely on…mail.

What you can’t see — because I’m not showing you — are the backs of the postcards. That’s where we put instructions on how to download the ebooks you just purchased. Even better? Since they’re postcards, you can stamp the suckers and mail them off to a friend. Sharable, oldskool style!

There you have it! Swag as far as the eye can see (provided you can only see a couple of feet in front of you)!

Thank you to Karen for not just the hard work, but for the amazing work. Without you, we’d be handing out Post-It Notes with stick figures drawn on them. Without you, we’d have been sunk.

Oh, and one more thing. If you’re feeling envy because you can’t make it to the fair but want to get your hands on this awesome, awesome swag, fear not, because right this second Mere is running a contest to give this pile of swag, plus every single book we’re selling, away to one lucky winner. Just head over to her home and she’ll tell you how.

That’s it for me on this wild #WOTSWEEK! Tomorrow, Mere will close out the week with the story of how we ended up here.

I hope to see you in Toronto!

*If someone doesn’t leave a Breaking Bad joke in the comments, I’ll be so disappointed.

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3 Responses to Swag On The Street

  1. samatwitch says:

    I don’t watch “Breaking Bad” so can’t make a joke – sorry. I will, however, say that that is some of the shiniest swag ever. Karen is a genius – which I knew already, but it’s always great to be recognised.

    Also, you need to start putting the ‘u’ in words if you want to be an honourary Canadian (like that one, for instance). ;)

    Good luck this weekend, Eric, and safe travels.

  2. Chelsea says:




    What I’m basically saying is I WANT ALL OF IT. *GRABBY HANDS*

  3. Of course it was Chelsea who beat me to the yo-bitch-magnets punch. I’ll settle for, “These go to eleven.”

    Karen’s designs are amazing. Here’s hoping that they will be mine.

    Say “Hi” to Cicely and Joel for me. (I’ve never even seen that show. Thank The Force for IMDB.)

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