Fiction Lovers! I Need Your Help!

Reading fiction on the web kind of sucks. Especially long fiction. Every try to read a novel online? Did you even get close to finishing it? If the answer is yes: bless you. You have more patience than I do.

In fact, it’s such an awkward fit that, for years, I’ve avoided writing anything to be published on the web. After the ease and awesomeness of reading books on a Kindle or an iPad (or even, when I’m desperate, an iPhone), web published fiction is such a drag.

Start reading on my laptop, get called away, try to come back to it later on my bus ride home, try to find where I left off, get to my stop before I’m finished, go back to the laptop and AGAIN try to find my spot…it’s a damn headache. And trying to do that for a *really* long story, one that I have to read over multiple days? Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.

It’s time for someone to do for fiction what blogs did for essays. Because I’m egotistical and crazy, I’ve decided that person is me.

For the last few years, I’ve been futzing with an idea I call Seanchai. Never seriously (or at least never seriously enough to go through with it), but it’s an idea that’s stuck with me. Though I’ve wandered away from it a half a dozen times, I’ve always come back.

I’m ready to get serious.

Seanchai will be, at its heart, an eReader for the web. A way to read long stories in your browser, on any computer, or any device that can get online. It’ll be a place for authors to publish fiction themselves, the same way they’d post a blog entry, with the same community and social features of those blogs.

Before I get serious, I need your help. I need it so much, I’m ready to bribe you for it.

I made a short survey to give me some understanding of what you like and dislike about reading fiction online. Anyone who fills it out has a chance at winning a prize.

Yup. It’s a giveaway.

I’ve got a couple of prizes, too, so there’ll be more than one winner. The prizes are:

  • A $10 Amazon Gift Certificate
  • A copy of Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson (the very copy I read, the one that inspired me to write Broken Magic)
  • A copy of Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners on BluRay

All you have to do is sound off! Help me and you’ll get a chance to win a prize!

Oh…and thank you. Your help is going to make Seanchai better than it ever could be without you.

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