In honor of my 200th post, let’s spend a moment honoring the number 200.  I have no special love for the number 200, but a milestone is a milestone.  Also I missed 100 and that still bugs the heck out of me.  Never again, I promised myself.

Never again.

  • 200 is the HTTP status code that got sent if you’re seeing this page.
  • In 200 C.E., the Alexandrian mathematician Diophantus was born. Called “the father of algebra”  by some, his is a name more junior high math students should know and despise.
  • That year, the population of the Earth is estimated to have been about 257 million.
  • Four centuries prior to that, a Greek mathematician named Erastosthenes calculated the distance from the Earth to the sun.  For those having trouble with the math, that would place us in 200 B.C.E.
  • That same year the Great Wall of China was completed.
  • My favorite, often unused film speed, is 200 ISO.  Pictures look great at 200, but my hatred of flashes keeps me stuck at 400 ISO.  So it goes.
  • 200 is the number of words in this post.

My research on this post was done using the awesome and always correct source of sources: Wikipedia.  I used the pages 200, 200 (number) and 200 BC.

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