September 2011 Project Update

Known in some corners as “What is Eric failing to put enough time into today?”

  1. Broken Magic – Finished eons ago, it has too few rejection letters attached to it.  After some brutal but lovely query letter criticism from Jon Merz, I hope to get this sent out to a few smaller presses this weekend.  In the meantime, I’m exploring the possibility of self publishing, since I’m sick of it sitting around, even if a big reason it’s sitting around is because I’ve only given it a half dozen chances to be rejected.
  2. Seanchai – The mythical, magical soon-to-be awesome self-publishing website platform for the 21st century.  A blog for long-form writers. WordPress for novels.  I’ll get a cool catch phrase soon, I’m sure.  Maybe.  I started work on before work utterly overwhelmed me. I’m getting back to this, since it’s both a good idea and something I would really like to use myself.
  3. Big, Long Project I Don’t Talk Much About – It’s a novel.  Three months ago I had 40,000 words done. Then I decided those all sucked, so now it’s down to 20,000.  I’m in the midst of the Chapter From Hell, which I’d like to finish so I can make some progress on something again. At this rate, the expected completion date is sometime in the summer of 1754.
  4. Untitled Climate Change Short Story – When Rachel Brody wants to collaborate on something, I say yes. The month of September will likely be the month of writing a SF story wrapped around the theme of climate change. I’ve gotten as far as deciding it has something to do with wine. That last sentence bound to give Rachel heart palpitations.
  5. Mimesis – A modern, young adult horror/fantasy novel about a very doomed love triangle. It’s been living in my head long enough that it’ll likely not go away until it’s written. This still needs some structural work, but I might use NaNoWriMo as an excuse to focus on this later this year.  Of course, that’s what I said last year, so be ready to point and laugh come December.
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