Your Moment of Awesome: Chris Klein Is On The Case

A few years ago, this movie came out. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. It wasn’t very good. Try to contain your shock enough for me to continue.

The only reason to remember it is Chris Klein. You remember Chris Klein, right? Nice seeming guy, maybe a bit dopey but kind of likable? In what movie was he that character? Oh, all of them. When Klein showed up, you knew basically what you were going to get. American Pie, Election, Some Movie That I Think Was Based On a Nicholas Sparks Novel; it was all the same. I guess he was sick of being typecast, though, because out of nowhere, Bam! We get Charlie Nash, Interpol.

I’m not suggesting you actually see this movie. It’s bad in that boring-you-to-sleep kind of way. Except when Chris Klein steps on screen. Then? Then it’s so weird. I don’t know where this performance came from or how the director could leave the poor guy hanging like this. Either way, Klein’s performance as Charlie Nash is so strange, so inexplicable, that someone cut together the best of it into this odd little music video. I give you: Chris Klein is On The Case.


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  1. Mere says:

    I can’t believe I’m admitting to this, but I actually saw this movie. Thank you for triggering my PTSD nightmares again, Eric. Thank you so much, you microcephalic bastard.

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